Melancholiac Album Launch

Wednesday October 10 2018, Paris Cat Jazz Club


Adam Spiegl celebrates the launch of his debut trio album Melancholiac at Melbourne's Paris Cat Jazz Club.  He is joined by award winning musicians Nathan Liow (piano) and Justin Olsson (drums).

Spiegl, Liow and Olsson have been performing together since 2010, and have built up a musical connection that takes the audience on a compelling journey through brooding, dark ballads, high energy pieces and thrilling improvisations.  Adam’s compositions are melodic and impressionistic, taking inspiration from European and American jazz, third stream music, and his Czech roots.  These pieces come alive in the hands of the trio, showcasing each player’s unique approach to their instrument and the interplay between them.


Adam Spiegl - double bass
Nathan Liow - piano
Justin Olsson - drums

Booking details:

Melancholiac Album Launch
8:30pm, Wednesday October 10
Paris Cat Jazz Club
10 Goldie Place, Melbourne
Tickets $20, advance bookings recommended.